A Bundle to Handle the IT Infrastructure


CoherentOps is a unique product for IT infrastructure service management automation. It is an integrated service management software highly aligned with ITIL and a single product with multiple features. You can find all ITSM functions in CoherentOps.

CoherentOps offers potential support across all groups of Database, Operating System, Network, Middle-ware etc. All features lie in its automation platform. The main features are Self-Healing, Automation as a Service (AAAS), Route Cause analysis (RCA), Triage Live Poll, Monitoring, Asset Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Vulnerability Management, Insights, Multi Tenant and many more.



Automation As A Service

In today’s age where activities are conducted within a blink of an eye, carrying out tasks manually is a sluggish process. It is, therefore, automating the processes becomes a necessary approach.

Triage Live Poll

Versatility, combined with lightning speed, enables you to perform basic administrator activities without the need of logging onto the server.

Self Healing / Orchestration

An IT infrastructure is a complex set up that may be difficult to handle, given the number of processes and functions involved in the successful functioning of the IT set up.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Many organizations are getting negative impacts of recurring problems, and many also struggle with how to proceed with formally investigating each major problem.

Operating System Insight

Our Operating System Insight solution helps to calculate CPU and memory usage in your organization’s IT infrastructure.

Application Insight

Application Insight helps in learning about the performance and usage of the app. As the name suggests,our solution helps you to gain an insight into the metrics of the concerned application.

Database Insight

The Database Insight feature of CoherentOps helps an organization to gain detailed information on all aspects of the database – the performance of the database, what is the on-going load, etc.

Performance Capacity & Analysis

CoherentOps identifies, collects, monitors and reports on the overall operational health of IT infrastructure, to help the organization to understand and evaluate the performance of its systems.

Incident Management

Our Incident Management solution restores the functioning of unplanned disruptions. The incidents are captured and sent to the concerned IT service desk for resolving the incident.

Change And Release Management

Cashapona Change and Release Management solution controls IT change processes. The Change activities include requesting and assessing changes as well as reviewing them.

Asset As A Service

CoherentOps believes every asset is a boon to an organization, so it is essential to have a system of the record and right mappings with source and impact.

Operating System Monitoring

To host any application, Operating System is mandatory and it is important to detect the all abnormalities, it is essential to keep a log of the symptoms and root cause proactively to address the issues.

Hardware (HP, DELL, IBM)

Server Hardware monitoring may be painful as different vendors provide different tools, and also the process requires different mechanisms to detect the real hardware failures

Hypervisor Monitoring

It separates the Operating Systems and apps from Computer Hardware. The arrangement allows the host machine hardware to operate more than one virtual machine.

Network Monitoring

It separates the Operating Systems and apps from Computer Hardware. The arrangement allows the host machine hardware to operate more than one virtual machine.

Storage Monitoring

Data storage is the place where data is stored in an electromagnetic or optical form for access by a processor. Storage is frequently used to describe the devices and data connected to the computer through input/output operations

Application Monitoring

Application monitoring feature ensures that software application programs perform as per the expectation. This helps in providing the end-user with a hassle-free experience

Database Monitoring

Database Monitoring, A database is an organized collection of data. A relational database, more restrictively, is a collection of schemas, tables, queries, reports, views, and other elements.

Ping And Heart Beat Monitoring (Composite)

Heartbeat monitoring feature helps to complement the agent-based monitoring of system health and the event logs. Heartbeat monitoring enables to monitor remote hosts from a central location.

Log Management

With CoherentOps, you can consolidate and index any log and machine data, including structured, unstructured and complex multi-line application logs.

Configuration Management Database

To manage and improve the systems, the organization should know about the assets in the IT environment and have accurate configuration data to understand your organization’s IT environment.

IT Asset Discovery

IT asset discovery, Our app empowers you to create a single system of record for every asset in your IT infrastructure. The solution maps the assets and maintains them in Cashapona’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

IP Address Manager

IP address management (IPAM) is a means of planning, tracking, and managing the Internet Protocol address space used in a network.

Software Management

Managing software is a huge investment. Cashapona’s Software Management solution helps effortlessly transform operations from reactive software management practices to a culture that is audit-ready

Configuration Management

Configuration management is a systems engineering process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product’s performance.


Software deployment is all the activities that make a software system available for use. The general deployment processes include several interrelated activities with possible transitions between them.

Active Directory

With CoherentOps, manage the performance of your Active Directory environment.
User account
Security policy

Virtual Machine Management

V-sphere Virtual Machine Management describes how to create, configure and manage virtual machines in the VM-ware V-sphere environment.

Creating ,Updating ,Clone,Template,VM Migration

Email Account Management

Office 365: CoherentOps API Integration with Office 365enables following key features

User Creation,Password reset

Asset Mapping Access Request

Asset Mapping Request helps in collection of data from billions of devices and systems into a single intuitive map. This solution allows to view the location and condition of equipment real-time, from any device.

Auto Ticketing

It offers guidance for automated ticket generation and enables the automated posting of a request (or ticket) into the Trouble Ticketing (TT) system.

Baselines & Hardening (IDOM Potency)

Server hardening is necessary for security and compliance. For reliable and secure delivery of data, the servers must be secured through hardening.

Access Request Management

Access Request Management describes the audit data that helps in viewing of access requests. It provides an intuitive web-based interface that offers detailed information

Access Validation

CoherentOps identifies all ‘success’ and ‘fail’ logins to all the systems in a minute and notifies the concerned user/teams to validate as well as authorize the access by validating System of Record

Vulnerability Management

What We Scan

Response Miss Notification

A Service Level Agreement is an agreed-upon measure of the average response and resolution times that is taken for the deliverable to reach your customers.

Resolution Miss Notification

A Service Level Agreement or SLA is an agreement for response and resolution times that the organization’s support team commits to the end-user.

Potential Miss SLA Notification

A system administrator must define SLAs for the IT service desk and ensure that the team meets or even exceeds the service goals that have been set.

P1 & P2 Incident Notification

Priority is the sequence in which an Incident has to be resolved. When an Incident occurs, the concerned user/team has to be alerted based on the urgency and impact of the Incident.


An event can be defined as the change of state that has significance for the management of configuration item(CI) or IT service.

Maintenance Mode (Blackout)

Maintenance mode is essential for all planned IT Infrastructure changes to suppress unwanted efforts from operations.Entire server,Monitor level,Using Specific String

Event Enrichment

Event Enrichment is the process to monitor an event source for new events and find out the details related to them. These details are scouted in an external data source and then add information to them.