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People first
“We put our people first.” It’s something a lot of companies say, but not a lot of companies do. Here at Cashapona, it’s our most important core value. We believe when we place a high value on our team’s happiness, work/life balance, and professional development, everybody wins—clients included.

Best-in-class benefits

Benefits, Recognition & Rewards.
Our salaries are competitive, and we recognize and generously reward individual performance.

Time off and Holidays

We recognize the value of having an adequate amount of downtime and will receive annual holidays along with paid festivals and public holidays. You’ll also get to take part in our legendary office festivities.

Healthcare and Wellbeing

We take the health and well-being of our team very seriously. Every member receives comprehensive private medical insurance from a leading provider.

The Social Side of Cashapona

We work hard and play harder. From a hot Irani chai and samosa after work with colleagues to Friday fun relaxations, competing in online, offline games, sports, quarterly lunch parties, and a big gala annual celebration, we’ve got you covered!

Recognition, Bonus Schemes and Rewards

We reward hard work and exceptional performance with discretionary bonuses. We recognize good employees and groom them as future leaders.

Personal Development and Training

We invest in our people through regular internal and external training programs and developing a culture of promoting from within. We also support our team in obtaining professional qualifications both financially and by offering periods of study leave where appropriate.

Family Friendly, Flexible Working

Although we work hard, we also offer a caring and supportive environment and will consider all requests for flexible and/or remote working. Our investment in technology means that our team is spread across India with Hyderabad as the HQ communicates seamlessly at all times.

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Life Runs on Information and Sunlight.

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Current Openings

We’re looking for a fantastic Python Developer to join our growing team. We are looking for individuals who are passionate and deeply curious about finding solutions to new challenges. We’re seeking a candidate who has under AI/ML solutions in Python.


  • Write stellar Python code and share your insights to move projects forward.

  • Lead the charge on building cloud solutions, with a focus on AWS (think API Gateway & Lambda).

  • Use your Docker and container platform expertise (think AWS ECS or EKS) to boost deployments and app scalability.

  • Champion clean, maintainable code through code reviews, clear documentation, and rigorous testing ( pytest & unit test are your weapons of choice).

  • Be a key player in Agile sprints, planning, and delivering features on time.

  • Collaborate with the best to create top-notch products and user experiences.

  • Guide and mentor your fellow engineers, fostering innovation and a growth mindset.


  • Strong on Data Structure algorithm concepts and implementation.

  • Required experience on object DB ( noSQL) DB and understanding of other relational Databases (relational, hdfs etc.)

  • Collaborative team player with good communication.

  • Strong proficiency in python programming for ML development

  • Understanding of ML frameworks (Tensor, Sckit, etc)

  • Working knowledge of different types of data (structured, semi-structured, and unstructured)

  • Working knowledge in Python frameworks such as Flask, Django, and Pyramid.

  • Working with huge data sets and data analysis with Pandas and NumPy

  • Understanding of Python ORM Libraries

  • Ability to handle large datasets

Job Description :

 Business Analyst Responsibilities:

Understanding business processes, elevation of requirements, uncovering areas for improvement

Leading ongoing reviews of business processes and developing optimization user journeys..

Conducting meetings and presentations to share ideas and findings.

Performing requirements analysis and elevation of requirements.

Documenting and communicating the requirements and scope..

Gathering critical information from meetings with various stakeholders

Working closely with customers, Tech team, QA and managerial staff.

Ensuring solutions meet business needs and requirements.

Supporting and conducting user acceptance testing.

Serving as a liaison between stakeholders and users.

 Business Analyst Requirements:

A bachelor’s degree in business or related field or an MBA.

The ability to influence stakeholders and work closely with them to determine acceptable solutions.

Excellent documentation skills.

Fundamental analytical and conceptual thinking skills.

Expert presentations.

Excellent planning, organizational, and time management skills.

Experience leading and developing top performing teams.

A history of leading and supporting successful projects.

Job Description :

Total experience : 3-6 Years

Job type : Full Time

We are looking for an experienced and talented MuleSoft Certified Developer to join our team of professionals. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated expertise in VSTS DevOps, GIT, Maven, and possess in-depth knowledge of Mule Connectors like File, SAP, SOAP, SQL, SMTP,HTTP, Salesforce, SAP and WCF Adapters and Queue systems. In addition, experience with ANT and Maven build tools and working in a SOA environment with Mule ESB is highly desired.


Manage the operational activities of the integration engine

Develop RESTful and SOAP web services in Mule ESB based on SOA architecture

Administer EDI, EAI, and B2B applications using MuleSoft and Microsoft BizTalk Server

Work with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Use Mule ESB with connectors, transformations, routing, Active MQ, JMS, and Rabbit MQ

Use Mule ESB-based tooling suite for handling message transitioning, validation, enrichment, and routing to upstream and downstream entity data consumers 

Work with WSDL for ESB to Salesforce and SAP integrations

Use XML technologies like XSD, XSLT, XQuery, and XPath for data transformations in MuleSoft

Work with CXF web services in Mule ESB


  • Mulesoft certification is required.
  • Experience with VSTS DevOps, GIT, and Maven build tools is required.
  • Strong knowledge of SOA environments with Mule ESB.
  • Experience with Java and Springboot



Job Description :

We are looking for a knowledgeable, detail-oriented person to help us test our code. As an Automation QA perform tests on our code and communicate the results with our engineering team. We are looking for someone who worked on python projects.

 Technical Skills :

Software Testing : Automation Testing, Manual Testing,

Tools : Selenium, Git, Pycharm, Idle, Appium , MYSQL, postman

Languages : Python, OOPS, SQL, kubernetes

Operating System : Windows, Linux

Defect Management Tools : JIRA

Design independent web cases for each newly developed web application.

Provide feedback to developers about automated testing strategies, design fixes, and patches.

Perform system load tests for new products.

Experience using web based and mobile testing frameworks.

Manage testing projects during each phase, according to the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Determination and tenacity to commit to the end when solving issues.

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Customer centricity with human centric design
Management commitment and involvement to
“Do it Right First Time”

For a Better Tomorrow

Join A Team That Celebrate Each Other.

Amazing Teammates

Our teammates are respectful to each other and share constructive feedback to help others work better and also accept them for who they are.

Dedicated Leaders

Building good working relationships with people at all levels. Building trust within team. Bringing people together to solve problems. Building good and transparent communication among team. Guiding leads to prioritize tasks effectively for themselves and team members

Highly Experienced Management

Industry veterans with more than 25 years of experience, helps our management to consider many factors in decision-making. Having the ability to understand, and communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict. Vast experience in developing new ideas to solve customers’ problems. Cultivating relationships with customers. Understanding the needs of different stakeholders and communicating with them appropriately..

A Happy Work Environment

Employees are appreciated for the good work they have done. Offering health and wellness programs, flexible working hours. Interacting and bonding events, builds positive relationships at work.
Being committed to creating a happy work environment that benefits everyone and increases the livelihood of the entire organization.