Application Health Tracker

Application Health Tracker

Unique product for managing and tracking the asset health of all applications in the landscape.

How Does Application Health Tracker (AHT) Helps Organizations?

Application Health Tracker (AHT) is a unique product for managing and tracking the asset health of all applications in the landscape. It is simple, intuitive and training less product which offers a robust application to track application stacks (e.g. software, database, operating system etc) throughout their life cycle.

Application Health Tracker (AHT) tracks individual applications in the organization for key events such as mainstream support end, extended support end and the end of life, and alert the relevant stakeholders at the right moment to undertake remedial actions. The tracking feature is not limited to the applications sold by renounced software vendors, in house developed applications can be tracked as organizations can easily maintain the master data on their own.

Besides, AHT can help in tracking the instances of the applications such as sandbox, development, quality, pre-production and production instances. AHT has a user-friendly dashboard that summarizes and simplified to understand the application and their support related risk instantly anywhere and anytime.

Application Health Tracker’s Key Features:

Supportability Tracking

Track the critical support end dates against each application and highlight their risks instantly

Automated Alerts

Automated priority alerting inbuilt into the platform proactive notifies key account holders when application near support end dates

Master Data

Most commonly used applications, databases and operating systems are included and regularly updated for the organisations to use.

Report Generation

Report all the data maintained and prepare recommendation report with your additional analysis and email it for wider distribution

Application Tracking

Track both in house and third-party applications installed in your landscape with well-defined dates for various support statues

Instance Tracking

Tracking all the instances of a particular application in one place for better visibility and avoid regret costs

In-House Apps

Ability to maintain organisation master data for application developed in-house

Inbuilt Dashboard

Inbuilt dashboards to show the application risk summary, a detailed risk trend chart to identify key issues in advance and heat map for more detailed risk analysis