Case Study

Transforming Lending Financial Services: Seamlessly Integrating Lending Platform with ACH, Salesforce, and Lendio Services

A US based Financial Services company providing the digital lending platform, streamlining all facets of your business operations. With a focus on user-friendliness, platform empowers lenders to effortlessly originate, underwrite, and finalize deals. Featuring pre-built workflows, customizable scorecards, and seamless integrations, platform caters specifically to B2B lenders.
Project Details
  • Integration of Lending Platform with Automated Clearing House
  • (ACH) Network, Salesforce, and Lendio for automating the end-to-end Lending process seamlessly.
  • Integrate with ACH for enabling users to access fully integrated
  • payment processing.
  • Integrate Salesforce to optimize the funding application
  • process, offering a seamless experience for both lenders and
  • borrowers.
  • Integrate with Lendio for lenders to help get the funding
  • business needs, access and manage the capital.


  • Establishing secure transactions with ACH: Ensuring the security and integrity of transactions conducted through the ACH network is paramount, requiring robust encryption and authentication mechanisms.
  • Secured connections with Lendio: Establishing secure connections with Lendio’s systems is essential to safeguard sensitive borrower information and ensure smooth data exchange.

Implementation Benefits

  • Seamless payment integration with ACH: Users can conduct transactions with ease, eliminating the need for manual processing and reducing the risk of errors.
  • Streamlined import of loan applications from Salesforce to Lending Platform.
  •  Automated retrieval of loan applications and associated documents from Lendio, simplifying the process for both lenders and borrowers and ensuring data consistency across platforms.

Software Development

Integration Services

CX/UX Design

Quality Assurance


  • Front End: Angular, HTML, CSS
  • Backend: Java, Spring Boot, JPA,
  • Microservices APIs
  • Security: Spring Security, SOAP & REST API Security
  • Integration: SOAP & RESTFUL Services Integration
  • Repositories & Data Store: MySQL, MongoDB
  • CI/CD Tool: Docker Jenkins


  • Developed SOAP APIs for submitting transactions and checking their status with ACH payments
  • Implemented security with SOAP APIs to facilitate secure
  • communication with the ACH network, enabling users to submit transactions and retrieve status updates with ease.
  • Developed RESTful APIs for retrieving application and business related data from external systems such as Salesforce and Lendio.
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