Case Study

Revolutionizing The Guilt Free Sports Betting Experience Empowering Users To Regulate Their Online Gaming Budgets Effectively

A startup within the sports betting industry, specializing in providing a secure platform tailored for effective bankroll management. They are committed to empowering users to take control of their online gaming budgets with confidence and ease.
Project Details
  • Develop a next-generation digital platform encompassing both a mobile app and web application, focused on revolutionizing the guilt-free sports betting experience.
  • Build a secure platform dedicated to bankroll management, facilitating users to fund their favorite sportsbooks, online casinos, and daily fantasy sports accounts without compromising their financial well-being.
  • Implement features such as signup offers and round-up offers for user benefit.


  • Overhauling the platform’s user experience and interface to enhance usability.
  • Developing mobile and API solutions in alignment with finalized designs.
  • Iteratively testing and refining design mock-ups for optimal user engagement.
  • Swiftly transitioning from the incumbent vendor to meet sprint and product goals.
  • Seamless integration with banking platforms.
  • Ensuring compatibility during mobile app versioning to maintain functionality.

Implementation Benefits

  • Delivering a guilt-free betting experience to users.
  • Leveraging AI/ML for enriched insights integrating with Quarter4.
  • Enabling rounding up of card spend with available balances for betting.
  • Automatically allocating a percentage of account deposits to the betting account.
  • Offering a prepaid debit card tailored for betting enthusiasts.
  • Integrating with Open Banking for seamless tracking of transactions.
  • Ensuring safety and security in online gaming, empowering users to manage finances responsibly.

Digital Transformation

Product Development

CX/UX Design

Quality Assurance

Architecture Advisory

Cloud / DevOps Engineering

Web & Mobile Development


  • Mobile App: React Native, Android, iOS
  • Front End: ReactJS, HTML, CSS
  • Back End: .NET Framework
  • UX Design: Adobe XD
  • Database: SQL Server
  • Cloud: Azure and Azure DevOps


  • Developed a next-generation web and mobile application compatible with all major platforms.
  • Adopted a microservices and API-first approach to promote reusability and accelerate development.
  • Integrated with Open Banking for transparent transaction tracking.
  • Incorporated Quarter4 for advanced betting insights.
  • Utilized Firebase Analytics and Google Analytics to understand user behavior and tailor promotions accordingly.
  • Conducted a comprehensive revamp of UI/UX to enhance customer experience while ensuring continuous functionality of the live application.

“Cashapona has proven itself as an outstanding IT partner. Their
comprehensive knowledge, transition process, and unwavering commitment to the
DRFT (Do it Right First Time) principle set them apart. Their team of expert engineers
consistently produces top-tier code quality and exhibits remarkable responsiveness
throughout the project journey. I highly recommend Cashapona for web and mobile
app development projects, as well as digital transformation initiatives.”

Alex Cullingford Tom Mangan( CEO & Co-Founder of DraftFuel )

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