Case Study

Iot Data Processing With Event Driven Architecture

Build AWS Event Driven Platform for IoT & AI enabled solutions

A leading IoT Technology Platform provider to connect people, places, assets & operations delivering various use cases for different industries to improve resource utilization, make operations safe & secure, product quality inspection enabling customers to realize higher return on investment.

Project Details
  • Build AWS Event Driven Platform for IoT & AI enabled solutions
  • Aviation – To integrate passenger, baggage, aircraft, ground & airport operations data for turnaround automation, Faster turnaround of aircraft, Resource planning & optimization, Predictability in operations.
  • Oil & Gas – Safety, SOP Monitoring, Efficiency, Quality inspection, Automation
  • FnB & FMCG – Quality Inspection

Digital Transformation

Architecture Advisory

Cloud Engineering

Cloud Management


  • AWS ECS, Lambda, RDS
  • Elastic Cache, ELB, Route 53
  • Elastic Search, Grafana, CloudWatch, Athena
  • API Gateway
  • S3/S3 Glacier
  • Other AWS managed services


  • Designed and Built Event Driven Architecture in AWS cloud to process data send through IoT devices.
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