Case Study

Enable Blockchain Ecosystem For Wealth Assets Management

Build Website & Web Application for Managing & Transacting Mutual Funds

Customer is a financial services company specializes in providing Platform as Service Investment Platforms to major financial institutions and launched the world’s first production blockchain-powered market infrastructure for asset management

Project Details
  • Build Website and Application to Manage Mutual Funds
  • FinTech Application (Front-End) for the Blockchain-powered Asset Management Industry (Mutual Funds).
  • This application will be used by various anchors in Mutual Fund industry including Fund Managers, Transfer Operators and Distributors


  • Design Website and Application with customer journey mapping
  • Build robust, responsive, scalable and secured Website and Application
  • Integrating with the existing Wealth Management Platform
  • Transactions are not synchronized in real-time between investors/managers platforms to affect fund activities. Hence high back-office cost and risk for all the participants.
  • Leveraging ‘ChainClear’ blockchain technology to replace the thousands of copies of transactions and holdings

Implementation Benefits

  • Mobile First Approach (highly responsive application, site)
  • Enhanced end user experience
  • User Experience First UX design approach
  • First production Blockchain ecosystem for real-time fund transfer
  • Reduced errors and exception by creating ecosystem for single source of truth

Software Development

Blockchain Integration

Integration Services

CX/UX Design

Quality Assurance


  • Front End: ReactJS, Redux, HTML, CSS, GO
  • Backend: GO
  • Repositories & Data Store: PostgreSQL, Redis Caching
  • Microservices APIs for HyperLedger
  • Keycloak SSO


  • Build Website & Web Application for Managing & Transacting Mutual Funds
  • Build Web Services to integrate with Asset Management Platform for backend processing
  • End to End delivery with 4D and CI/CD/CT Approach
  • Build responsive, rich user experience UX/UI supporting all browsers and devices
  • Integrate with APIs provided by backend applications
  • SSO using Open Source Keycloak Service
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