Case Study

E-commerce Portal Deployment And Automation

Build an infrastructure which can scale with demand and very secure.

It is a global Relationship Intelligence start-up offering AI-driven networking capabilities to individuals and enterprises via an actionable SaaS that optimizes their deep trusted network of contacts for personal and professional growth.

Project Details
  • This is for e-Commerce Marketplace company for software vendors and retailers to showcase and sell their software products. As an start-up they wanted to build infrastructure which can scale with demand and very secure. They also need an automated build deploy pipeline for faster deployment.

Digital Transformation

Architecture Advisory

Cloud Engineering

DevOps Services


  • AWS ECS, Mongo DB hosted on EC2
  • Jenkins
  • Sonar, Integration Testing Cypress
  • Elastic Search, Grafana, CloudWatch


  • Defining the target deployment and technical architecture
  • Setting up AWS cloud infrastructure for new application in AWS ECS, Mongo DB hosted on EC2.
  • Setting up build and deployment pipeline using Jenkins for microservices and web application deployment
  • Integration code analysis tool Sonar, Integration Testing Cypress etc. in the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Monitoring the cloud infrastructure and build the Dashboard using Grafana, CloudWatch and other services.
  • Log aggregation using Elastic Search
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